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Front Fences

A good fence will not only provide privacy and security; it can also add to the aesthetic appeal of your property and outdoor space. Guiding clients to design and select an appropriate fence for their property, that not only meets their needs and style, but also complies with local council requirements in Perth and surrounding areas, can be a tricky process. Which is what motivated us to create this guide to help guide you.

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Building Permit

A front fence that exceeds 1000mm in height in a residential zone, requires a Building Permit to be obtained from the City of Wanneroo Council. Land that is zoned ‘other than residential’ will also require a Building Permit to be obtained from the City of Wanneroo Council, for all masonry fences that exceed 750mm in height and for all other materials 1.8m in height and over.

What are some of the requirements for your proposed front fence?

The City of Wanneroo requires a front fence that exceeds 1.2m in height to be 50% visually permeable. This can be achieved through 1.8m high piers with permeable slats above 1.2m between each pier. Fences measuring up to 1.2m do not have to comply with this requirement and can be erected using solid masonry.

Those seeking a front fence that exceeds 1.8m in height or proposed to be built solid over 1.2m, are required to apply for a Development Application from the City of Wanneroo.

It is important to note that there are special requirements for situations when your proposed front fence adjoins a driveway, as well as additional requirements not mentioned in this article. Contact us for more information on how we can help you design your front fence, draft your plans for council approval, as well as successfully obtain your Building Permit, hassle free without delay. Contact us today.

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