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Decorating the Façade of your Traditional Home

From decorative timber turned posts to fretworks, your home exterior sets the tone for your internal décor. There are a number of attractive façade elements that you can use for your traditional home to express your own unique and individual style. We have done the research for you and collated a summary of some decorative options for your traditional home.

Verandah Decorations

You can easily revamp your traditional home verandah by selecting from a range of recreated or restored wood decorations. Post  brackets were traditionally used to embellish house façades and are usually fixed to the veranda post on top of the crown. They also come in a range of style choices, materials and finishes that can be matched to other decorative elements. Timber turned posts are another decorative element that can be used to add character and charm. They too come in an array of style choices and finishes.

When building your veranda, you might also want to consider using a balustrade and handrail to create separation and style. Although initially purposed as a safety element on your verandah, they can also function as a design component. Installing a frieze pattern baluster is another aesthetically pleasing addition that will no doubt complete your verandah.

Roof Decorations

No traditional house is complete without the addition of decorative features for your gable (if you have one), such as finials. For those not schooled in decorative housing woodwork, a finial is an architectural decorative post – usually carved from wood that is mounted on your gable. Finials are trending in Perth, with lots of property owners mounting multiple, to add an appeal and character to their traditional home. And finally, what better way to dress up your gable, than by installing detailed decorative fretwork. They come in a range of styles, patterns and finishes that can be matched with other fretwork additions.

We have helped loads of our clients in the Perth area design the right traditional house façade. By making changes and getting it right at the design stage, it will be a smooth ride from then on. Contact us today about your traditional home, we’d love to help.

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