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What better way to give your home a grand entry, than to use a gatehouse. A place where you or your visitors can hide from the weather from those rainy days in winter or seek refuge from our hot Perth summer heat.

A gatehouse structure does not have to detract from the façade of your home. You can incorporate the style of your home to your gatehouse and hence provide your home with a much more attractive, interesting, grand entry. Some features and decorations that you can consider incorporating in to your gatehouse include materials, textures and colours of your main dwelling, together with the existing infill panel and design of your fence. Remember, this grand entry must be strategically positioned and well designed, so that it allows for not only a great passageway to your beautiful home, but also incorporates with your existing front yard – without interrupting its natural flow.

To build a gatehouse in the Town of Claremont, the Town has a number of building rules and regulations that need to be adhered to. The height of the gatehouse is usually only allowed to be up to 2.1m, with fencing and surrounding walls adhering to the standard fencing regulations set out by the R-Codes and local planning policies.

To add a gatehouse to your property, you require a building permit. Contact us today – we’d love to help design your beautiful entrance to your home.

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