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Patio – City of Joondalup

What better way to enjoy a sunny fill afternoon than sitting outside out on your patio! Perth residents generally have comfortable weather year round – which makes it ideal place for alfresco living. Adding a patio to your home will provide you the chance to combine the indoors with the outdoors and can give your home added living, dining and entertainment space. A patio can also add character and charm to your dwelling through careful design and material selection that add to the aesthetics of your home. But before you begin planning on constructing your patio, there’s a few things to consider.

As a general rule, patios to be constructed on a residential lot will require a development application to the City of Joondalup Council when: the patio is visible from the street, increases the existing natural ground level by 0.5m, or a set back of 1.0m (the patio length is less than 9.0m) or 1.5m (the patio length is greater than 9.0m) is proposed to a rear or side lot boundary.  There are other requirements set out by the City of Joondalup Council, that will require a lodgement of a planning application for patios that do not comply with local planning policy and Building R Codes that will be reviewed by the local town planner.

To ensure your development application and/or building permit is submitted and accepted by the City of Joondalup Council without delays and difficulties, consult one of our experienced drafting and building design professionals. We can help design and draft your dream patio that not only meets council specifications, but also exceeds your expectations. Contact us today – we’d love to help design your beautiful patio.

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