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There is many types of roof shapes, but I will concentrate on the most common ones used in Australia. The selection of a specific shape depends on various factors such as shade provided, attic space, strength, drainage requirements and aesthetics. A well planned roof can play an important part in energy efficiency, privacy, home’s liveability and resale value.

  • Gabled:

Gabled roofs offer great space for an attic, and are often used in combination with a hipped roof. They are easily recognised by their triangular shape.

  • Hipped:

A hip is the joint between two adjacent slopes of a roof. This type of roof is the most popular in Australia. Hipped roofs also often offer shady eaves, and great strength, which makes them good for high wind rated areas.

  • Skillion (Shed):

It is a single pitched surface, and is sometimes used in addition structures (and hence the “Shed” nickname often used for this type of roof) under a hipped structure. It is also used in large structures such as apartment buildings.

Australian building practices have strongly embraced prefabricated timber roof trusses for over 30 years. This is possible thanks to connectors, bracings, fasteners and brackets specially manufactured for this practice. There are a few companies around the country that specialises in this field, who have been supplying Australians with frame and trusses products/software for engineering or designing these frame and trusses. Softwares supplied by these companies ensure these trusses are designed accurately and engineered appropriately prior to the manufacture stage.


The use of prefabricated roof trusses make it extremely safe, reliable, flexible in design, cost effective, as well as easing the installation of these structures on site. They can be made to accomodate hot water systems, photovoltaic panels, air conditioning units, as well as allowing for creative and innovative design. Prefabricated roof trusses are cut with very high precision machines, ensuring suitability and accuracy. They are usually constructed in parallel to other works on site and delivered as an entire package for installation, providing great scheduling benefits.

To find out more about roof trusses, request for engineering or design of frame and trusses, register to our website and get in contact with us.

Disclaimer: this guide should not be used as sole guideline for any application, construction or intent to build any development.


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