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Lightweight framed constructions are the most common construction systems used in Australia. There is two types of lightweight frames -steel and timber- with timber frames being the most common frames used, for being light, strong and easy to install. For the purpose of this article, I’ll be discussing the benefits of timber frames.

Some of the benefits of timber frames are:

  • Timber frames are more resilient in most applications, specially in the highly populated coastal areas of the country, as steel frames are susceptible to rust.
  • High availability of trained workforce to build with these frames.
  • Timber is a renewable resource and offers high standards of heat comfort, by keeping the heat in through winter and keeping it outside through summer.
  • In most cases up to 20% cheaper than steel frames.
  • Up to 2.5 more resilient to fire.

Custom bracings, fasteners and other fixings are supplied by specialised companies for the framing of commercial and residential developments. There are a few companies around the country that specialises in this field, who have been supplying Australians with frame and trusses products/software for engineering or designing frame and trusses. Sophisticated computer softwares supplied by these companies ensure these frames are designed accurately and engineered appropriately prior to the manufacture stage.

Although for most applications timber frames are suitable, it is important to evaluate the best choice for your particular case in selecting between timber and steel frames. It is also essential to have a termite protection system in place if you chose to go for this type of framing.

To find out more about frames, request for engineering or design of frame and trusses, register to our website and get in contact with us.

Disclaimer: this guide should not be used as sole guideline for any application, construction or intent to build any development.

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