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Town of Victoria Park

Limestone Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is a wall or structure designed and constructed to support soil on a slope unable to be naturally supported. While they are designed to support earth, a retaining wall may also be used at locations that are placed under stress, such as buildings, footings, vehicle loads and driveways. A retaining wall can also be required where any changes in the natural ground level are proposed.

In Western Australia a widely used material for retaining walls is limestone. This is due to limestone being readily available, making it not only structurally strong, but cost effective. A lot of our clients are hesitant to use limestone for their building project due to their bland aesthetic. However, with the right design and landscaping, a limestone retaining wall can be a beautiful feature for your house.

For any retaining walls 500mm or more in height, you will require a building permit application. If the retaining wall increases the level of your sight by 500mm or greater, at the boundary between you and your neighbour, you will also require planning approval by the Town of Victoria Park Perth. If your proposed retaining wall is to be built higher than 500mm, alternate options may be sought, such as terracing retaining levels, to achieve the desired height. The Town of Victoria Park may have additional requirements including engineering details and site surveys, to obtain your building permit, which we can help you organise and obtain.

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